Seek Advice for Developing Online Training

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Talk with an expert to discover how we can develop online training customized to meet your unique needs and provide a consistent message.

Consider Before Requesting a Consultation

  • What result are you trying to accomplish with this training?
  • What should the team/individuals be able to do differently after the training?
  • Is online training the best method to use for your information?
    • Is it crucial that all participants receive the same, consistent message each time the class is delivered?
    • How frequently will participants need the training (monthly, annually)?

Examples of UB's Online Training

Explore examples of online training programs created in collaboration with UB departments.

Get Advice

Request assistance with:

  • Developing online training from scratch
  • Converting an existing training or PowerPoint presentation into an online solution
  • Exploring options for putting procedures/instructions online

Contact an Expert

Michele Poitras.

Michele Poitras

Organizational Development and Training

Phone: 716-645-4457


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