2016-17 Balances Carried Forward On Aug. 17

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Published August 25, 2017

The 2016-17 State Operating and U-Wide Type 1 available balances are being carried forward to 2017-18 on Aug 17.

Who's Affected

All State Operating and U-Wide Type 1 account holders.


  • Open encumbrance balances were cleared from accounts.
  • The free balance carried forward to 2017-18 was rounded based on the total free balance for the account.
  • The carry forward balance from fiscal 2016-17 was posted to the same account which generated the free balance.
  • State Operating carry forward amounts posted as an adjustment to your 2017-18 Fiscal Allocation utilizing expenditure code (OEC) 6000 (Reserves).
  • U-Wide Type 1 carry forward amounts will posted as an Other Than Personal Service (OTPS) expenditure credit (or expenditure if there was a negative balance) in 2017-18.
  • A final carry forward adjustment will be processed in October to account for any residual activity.


The 2017-18 free balance in your State Operating and U-Wide Type 1 accounts includes the carry forward amounts from 2016-17.   

Actions To Take

  • Review your accounts on the SIRI Money dashboard to ensure that all balances are as you expect.
  • You may also wish to process budget revisions using the eBudget system to move this fiscal allocation to the account and OEC code where the funds will be utilized.

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