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Date Established: 8/12/2013
Date Last Revised:
Category: Information Technology
Responsible Office: Office of the CIO
Responsible Executive: Chief Information Officer

Policy Contents

Quota and Data Retention Policy for Course Materials on Central Streaming Media Services


Computing & Information Technology (CIT) maintains a streaming media service designed to support instruction and research, community service events, and administrative events in this respective priority order. As system maintainers, CIT's goal is to keep the streaming media service stable and ready for growth. Proactively removing old files on the system helps us meet this goal, making space for new files. This policy is aligned with those in place for UBlearns.

Policy Statement

Faculty, staff or their designee, the "submitter", may request that media files be copied to and streamed from the central streaming media service. The central streaming service is designed to deliver media files via streaming protocols to support instruction and research, community service events and administrative events.

The submitter retains control of media files placed on the central streaming media service, and the submitter is responsible for determining who or what groups may access the media.

Finally, the submitter is responsible for ensuring the appropriate rights for digital distribution have been secured before submission.

In accordance with UB's Undergraduate Academic Policy regarding Incomplete Grades and with UBlearns data retention policies, course-related files will remain available for a maximum period of 12 months after the end of a semester. Course-related files reaching the 12-month threshold will be automatically removed from the system based upon the following timetable:

Fall Semester – June 15
Winter Semester – February 15
Spring Semester – June 15
Summer Semester – September 15

Active non-course-related files may be kept for a longer period of time, but the owner will need to stay within his/her allotted quota limits. An active file is one that has been updated within the past semester. Yearly cleanup messages will be sent to encourage file review.


This policy applies to all University data regardless of its medium and/or form, and to all those who handle University information (faculty, staff, students, third party contractors, and any others).


Initial quota is provided for an individual UB IT Name. Quota will be assigned based on need. You will need to tell us the type of file format(s) you will be using and the duration (minutes, hours) of the file. Initial quota will be 500MB.

Individual faculty, staff, or a UB department may request quota up to 4GB for a streaming media file set.

Policy Review and Update

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) or his designee will periodically review and update this policy as needed. Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the CIO.


CIT reserves the right to remove or disable any file, site, or program that impacts the stability of the CIT stream server for which appropriate distribution rights have not been obtained by the submitter, or if the content of the file is determined to be inappropriate after appropriate administrative review.

Contact Information

For quota requests, please contact with the following information.

  1. Submitter's name: the submitter will be accountable for the maintenance and security of the site
  2. UB IT Names or Administrative Account: See the UB IT Name Policy for details on accounts. Administrative accounts are recommended for departments, otherwise stream groups should be used.
  3. Administrator/authority responsible for assigning owners and associated site permissions.

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Signed by Interim Associate Vice President for Information Technology Thomas R. Furlani

Thomas R. Furlani, Interim Associate Vice President for Information Technology