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Date Established: 4/2/2013
Date Last Updated:
Category: Environmental, Health and Safety
Responsible Office:
Environment, Health and Safety
Responsible Executive:
Associate Vice President for Facilities

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Access to Building and Site Information


The university recognizes the need to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors as well as to protect confidential or proprietary operations that may exist in certain buildings and to protect the university’s assets from theft, damage, or other inappropriate or illegal acts.

This procedure is implemented to allow access to building and site information for legitimate reasons and in support of the university’s academic mission only when the concern for safety, security, and protection of confidential operations can be addressed to a reasonable level of confidence and the misuse of drawings, specifications, and other documents related to building and site information can be managed to the satisfaction of university administration.

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Environment, Health and Safety 716-645-3301