Craig Hooftallen

Craig Hooftallen

Purchasing, Procurement Services

Phone: 716-645-4572


Contact Me About These Goods and Services

Asbestos Removal

Athletic Air and Charter Travel

Athletic Apparel

Athletic Equipment and Supplies

Auto and Truck Parts


Bus Service Contract

Compression Fittings and Valves

Custodial Equipment and Contract Services

Custodial Services

Doors: Interior, Exterior, Garage and Hardware

Electricity: Management and Purchase

Electricity: Utilities

Elevator Maintenance Contract

Equipment Rental Maintenance and Repair: Heavy Equipment (non-scientific)

Exterminator Service

Fasteners, Screws, Bolts, Locknuts

Filters: (Not on HVAC Contract)

Fire Supression: Testing and Contracts

Fuel (Non-Utility)

Glass Replacement and Windows Contract

Hardware: Industrial

Hotel: Athletics

Janitorial Supplies

Landscaping, Lawn Service and Supplies

Locks and Keys: Padlocks, Swipe Cards

Metals: Aluminium, Steel

Motorized Vehicles and Equipment

Oils, Lubricants, Greases

Paints and Painting Services

Plumbing and Supplies (Contract)

Plumbing Equipment and Supplies (Non-Contract)

Road Salt, Paving and Road Repair

Safety Supplies: Uniforms, Glasses, Shoes

Security Systems: Keyless Entry & Buildings

Snow Removal

Tools: Power and Hand

Uniform Rental Service Contract


Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Vehicle Purchase: Auto, Truck, Lawnmower

Waste Disposal and Recycling

Windows: Replacement and Rehab

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Facilities and Equipment Team

Tricia Kandler

Director of Facilities and Building Procurement

Purchasing, Procurement Services

Phone: 716-645-4544


Craig Hooftallen

Purchasing, Procurement Services



Marty Spence

Purchasing, Procurement Services

Phone: 716-645-4551