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The UBF Procurement Card Guidelines are designed to provide guidance in the proper use of the UBF PCard for new and current cardholders.  


The UBF Procurement Card is issued by UB Foundation Activities (UBFA) to aid in procuring and paying for small dollar purchases up to $2,500 each. Items to be purchased may include any business-related travel, meals, supplies, equipment and other appropriate expenses permitted under current university and departmental guidelines. See below for a sample list of restricted purposes.

Cardholders may be able to process purchases up to $2,500 per transaction and a maximum of up to $10,000 per monthly cycle. The Cardholder is not billed directly for the charges but is responsible for monthly account reconciliation as detailed below.

Appropriate Use

UBF Procurement Cards are provided to facilitate the purchase of business-related goods and services and to substantiate eligibility for waiver of New York State (NYS) sales tax for such transactions. One card can be issued per person and each card may be used to purchase items against multiple authorized accounts. All original receipts and documentation must be submitted in a timely manner to UBFA.

Review of Purchases

Business-related purchases made with the UBF Procurement Card will be reviewed for compliance with the financial institution’s rules and regulations, federal regulations and university policies. Since this review takes place after the purchase and payment to the vendor or supplier has been made, the Cardholder may be responsible for reimbursement to UBFA if it is determined that the purchase is not allowable.


The UBF Procurement Card should not be used for the following types of purchases. This is a sample list and not meant to be all inclusive as to restricted purchases.

  • Donations
  • Political campaign activities
  • Cash advances, cash back on purchases and cash refunds on returns
  • Gift cards/gift certificates
  • Food purchases for employee or staff meetings
  • Payments for services to consultants, professionals or other individuals
  • Splitting purchases to circumvent maximum per transaction amount
  • Automated or recurring billings
  • Personal use

Payment and Account Reconciliation

Each Cardholder will be responsible for verifying all charges associated with the card and submitting a monthly reconciliation for appropriate approval. The Cardholder must review the monthly statement for accuracy and compare each transaction with receipts or invoices. Complete this verification as soon as possible so that any discrepancies can be reported.

The Cardholder monthly reconciliation process should include the following:

  • Complete a Monthly Summary form
  • All original receipts/invoices must be attached to the completed, signed Monthly Summary form. Packing lists/statements will not be accepted.
  • If a receipt/invoice is missing, the Cardholder should contact the supplier for a copy.
  • The supplier should be contacted by the Cardholder to request a credit reversal on the card for any NYS sales tax charges (except taxes on meals).
  • An authorized individual must review and sign the Monthly Summary form in accordance with UB’s Approval Authority Policy.
  • Mail the completed Monthly Summary form to: UB Foundation Activities, 103 Center for Tomorrow, North Campus

Funds Availability

It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to ensure that sufficient funds are available through UBFA to cover any expenditures.

Lost or Stolen Cards

It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to report any lost or stolen UBF Procurement Cards immediately to American Express and UBFA at 645-3013.

Dispute Process

In the event a Cardholder cannot resolve an issue with the supplier, or an unauthorized transaction is discovered, the Cardholder should report the dispute immediately to American Express.


Any charges resulting from fraud or misuse become the personal liability of the Cardholder. UBFA will not be liable for any charges incurred by non-employees. Unauthorized purchases may result in the Cardholder becoming personally liable for the charges.

Employee Separation

If the Cardholder leaves the university, the Cardholder must contact UBFA to request a cancellation. The destroyed card should then be forwarded to the UBFA offices. The Cardholder should complete any outstanding reconciliation(s).

Updates to Cardholder Profile

The Cardholder should ensure that the Cardholder profile tied to the UBF Procurement Card and the record on file with UBFA are up-to-date. Updates should be submitted in writing and made in a timely manner.

Suspension or Cancellation of PCard Privileges

Any improper use of the card by the Cardholder may lead to a suspension or cancellation of all UBF Procurement Card privileges. Failure to reconcile monthly activity by submitting receipts and summaries or insufficient funds available through UBFA along with the Cardholder statement within 15 days may lead to a suspension or cancellation of privileges. UBFA may cancel any PCard with or without notice.

Contact an Expert

Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino.

Stephanie (Stevie) Ruffino

Senior Accounts Payable Associate

UB Foundation

Phone: 716-645-8748

Email: scruffin@buffalo.edu

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