How Should I Use My State PCard?

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The State PCard is UB’s preferred way to process memberships, subscriptions, registrations, and supply purchases related to program purpose.  It is ideal for online transactions.

PCard Audit

All PCard activity is subject to periodic audit to monitor compliance with policies and procedures governing this program. Improper use could lead to suspension of privileges.

Tracking Your Expenses

Cardholders use the monthly transaction summary log sheet, order form, or acceptable alternative to record their activity and document the business purpose of the purchase. All original receipts and supporting documentation are kept in the pending file.

What Can I Purchase?

  • Supplies purchased from state contract and preferred suppliers
  • Repairs of equipment not covered by a maintenance contract
  • Books
  • Printing
  • Advertising (Graystone, newspaper, journals, and online sites)
  • Shipping and postage charges
  • Approved trademark items
  • Justified food and beverages purchased within the university’s Food and Beverage Guidelines with documentation

What is Restricted?

  • Travel/entertainment (ex. airline, car rental, taxis, shuttles, parking, lodging, restaurant dining, etc.)
  • Flowers, greeting cards
  • Personal celebrations and gifts of sentiment (ex. birthdays, retirements, etc.)
  • Staff morale and recognition
  • Gift certificates, gift cards, stored-value card
  • Recognition gifts
  • Gasoline
  • Personal use
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee service and food purchases that do not fall within the university’s Food and Beverage Guidelines (e.g. employees engaged in routine business meetings or celebration).
  • Orders exceeding the $4,999 limit  
  • Items purchased separately that when purchased together would exceed the $4,999 limit (split ordering)
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Medical services
  • Cash advances, cash back on purchases, cash refunds on returns
  • Controlled substances (ex.  narcotics and prescription drugs)
  • Live animals, radioactive materials, specialty gases/cylinder rentals
  • Any material, agent, or toxin identified as a Select Agent or Toxin by U.S. Government regulations.
  • When a written agreement needs to be signed by a representative of the university
  • Contracted services from an individual
  • Leases, insurance
  • Unapproved trademark items

How Can I Protect the Account from Unauthorized Use?

  • Keep the card secure
  • Review your account activity regularly
  • Use only reputable suppliers and secure websites
  • Do not email the credit card number
  • Do not share the card
  • Beware of links in email. If you see a link in a suspicious email message, don't click on it. Rest your mouse (but don't click) on the link to see if the address matches the link typed in the message

Do not share your card.

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What is PCard Misuse?

The Procurement Card Program is not intended to circumvent other required methods and processes. Splitting a single order into multiple orders to evade the transaction limit is contrary to guidelines and should not be done. Cardholders may be extended temporary transaction limit increases based upon need.  Contact Procurement Card Administration for assistance.

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Valerie Dennis

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