State Procurement Card Conversion

Review important details about the State PCard conversion from CITI to JPMC, including when to stop using your current PCard and how to obtain and activate your new PCard.

 Updated September 30, 2022 

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Last Day to Use CITI PCard is Oct. 3

  • The last day to use your CITI PCard is Monday, October 3, 2022.  After October 3, CITI will automatically close and deactivate your existing PCard. Any attempted transaction will fail.

PCard Pause from Oct. 3-10

  • To finalize the program conversion, SUNY will complete back-end processes following the September billing statement, which requires a complete pause of the PCard program.
  • The PCard program will pause starting Monday, October 3, 2022, and will end Monday, October 10, 2022.  No transactions will be processed during this time. 
  • If a purchase must be made during this time please use ShopBlue to complete this purchase

Conversion Timeline and To-Dos




What You Need to Do


New Card Pickup North Campus (see location and times below).

Pick up your new JPMC PCard.


CITI will close and deactivate all active PCards.

Stop using your CITI PCard.

10/3 -10/10

State-wide PCard program pause

Do not use your PCard. Any attempted transaction will fail.


New Card Pickup South Campus (see location and times below)

Pick up your new JPMC PCard.


New Card Pickup Downtown Campus (see location and time below)

Pick up your new JPMC PCard.


SUNY Web PCard Certification will be unavailable for cardholders.

Do not attempt to access the SUNY Web PCard Certification.


Cardholders will be able to activate the JPMC cards and begin to complete transactions.

Follow the directions to activate your new JPMC PCard.


SUNY Web PCard Certification will be available for cardholders

You may now access the SUNY Web PCard Certification.

When Can I Start Using My New PCard?

  • New JPMC PCards can be activated and used starting on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.
  • Do not attempt to activate or use your new PCard for any reason prior to October 11, 2022. The transaction will not be loaded to Web PCard and there will be no mechanism to process a payment.

How Do I Get a New PCard?

  • All existing CITI PCards have been submitted to JP Morgan Chase for conversion.
  • Card Programs Office within Business Services will distribute new JPMC PCards to cardholders.
  • Pick up your new JPMC PCard in person during an open session at either North Campus, South Campus, or Downtown
  • You may pick up your new card at the location and session of your choice. This is a walk-up service. Registration is not required.
  • Bring your old CITI PCard with you when you pick up your new PCard. Card Programs Office within Business Services will properly dispose of it in accordance with University policy.

Card Certification Documents Change

The PCard program conversion includes a minor change in the certification process. 

As part of the monthly process, cardholders will upload electronic copies of their statements and receipts into your centrally managed UB Box Folder. This will provide the following benefits to the cardholder, department, and university:

  • Allows cardholders to electronically store certification documents (instead of hard copies).
  • Provides cardholders with a standardized location for all monthly documents.
  •  Ensures transparency of State Procurement Card spending.

More information about using Box is forthcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Go to
  2.  Enter 16-digit account number and Access Code 1 (Last 4 of SUNY ID, written on front of envelope).
  3. Select an additional option.
    1.  Access Code 2 – First 4 of billing zip code.
    2. Business Phone Number.
  4. Create New User ID.
  5.  Receive e-mail with User ID and temporary password.
  6. Return to login screen
    1.   Enter username and temporary password.
  7. Create new password when prompted.
  8. Confirm e-mail address.
  9. Set Security Questions.
  10. Complete Registration

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