State PCard April Statement Ready to Reconcile

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Published May 9, 2019


Complete your April 2019 Procurement Card reconciliation by Friday, May 31, 2019. 

Certify Your PCard Statement

Complete the reconciliation and certification for the April 2019 billing cycle in the SUNY Finance and Management System (FMS) on the employee services portal at The April billing cycle covers transactions from 4/06/19 — 5/06/19.

Using CitiManager

About the CitiManager Cardholder Website Redesign

The Citibank cardholder homepage and user interface for CitiManager is redesigned to make it easier to navigate.

Cardholders will be able to log in with their existing sign-on ID and password. 

Program Administrators who have linked their non-cardholder and cardholder accounts must delink them before accessing the redesigned cardholder user interface. 

snapshot of citimanager homepage.

To view and print your statement, hover over the wrench in the side bar to access Web Tools and click on the words CITIDIRECT CARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CCMS).


How to View and Print Statements

  1. Hover over the wrench in the side bar to access Web Tools and click on the words CITIDIRECT CARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CCMS).
  2. Hover over and click on the line that starts with NYS-P, which is your level of hierarchy. The CITIDIRECT CARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM opens.
  3. Hover the mouse over the menu field named Inquiry, click on Statement.
  4. Click on the Search to list the statements available for viewing and printing.
  5. Click on the account number link to access the desired billing cycle.
  6. Click on the Print Statement button to print.

Fiscal Year-End Notes

With the fiscal year coming to a close, please keep all certifications up-to-date. All 2018-19 PCard cycles, up to and including the June billing cycle, 0619, must be fully reconciled and certified by 7/19/2019.

Refer to the complete list of financial cut-off dates

Note:  The entire June 2019 State PCard billing statement, including transactions dated 7/01/19 through 7/05/19, will be automatically charged to the 2018-19 fiscal year. You may continue to use the PCard throughout the fiscal year transition period.

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