Maintaining IFR and SUTRA Account Budgets

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Learn about the guidelines for maintaining the budgets of your Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) and State University Tuition Reimbursable (SUTRA) accounts.

Initial Budgets

Projected initial budgets can be viewed in SIRI on the Money dashboard on the account Tab. Approval of an increase in funding is based on realizing projected revenue. An accounts projected budget is based on the following criteria:

Personal Service Regular (PSR)

  • All Personal Service Regular lines fiscally funded in a fiscal year are annually funded for the next fiscal year.
  • The below criteria were applied to establish a budget for Salary Raises (OEC 1925) for all filled Personal Service Regular lines:
FY 2016-2017
Salary Increase Effective date Bargaining Units



PEF, MC Classified



MC Prof













*Pool lump sum discretionary payment

Temporary Service and Other than Personal Service (OTPS)

  • For General IFR Accounts projected future year allocations are based on current year expenditures. Accounts that had negative expenditures during the year or that have no current annual allocation will remain un-budgeted for the next fiscal year. Accounts that spent more than their annual allocation will have their allocation increased. Accounts that are newly established during the current year will retain that same annual allocation in the next fiscal year.
  • The impact Fringe Benefit  expenditures have on cash balances should be considered when charging PSR or Temporary Service expenditures to IFR. See the current fringe rates.

Fringe Benefits

  • Maintain your IFR and SUTRA account budgets to ensure that there are adequate revenues to cover these costs.
  • Calculating the expenditures for PSR and temporary service appointments based on relevant fringe rates.

Full-year Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant and Student Assistant appointments coded with an OEC 2699 are NOT charged with fringe.

Departmental Review

After completes the projected budget, your department should review the budget:

Review the projected budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

Take no further action if projected budgets are satisfactory.

Review items that are not reflected in the projected budget that may require appropriate action by the account holder, such as:

  • Longevity increases
  • UUP discretionary increases
  • In-grade increases
  • Early retirement incentives
  • Salary increases for graduate students

Any general change in departmental needs that cannot be anticipated by .

Changes to an account’s projected budget may be made by submitting a properly authorized budget revision to at any time. To make a change to the projected budget, complete the annual allocation section only and place a zero in the fiscal allocation section.

The Program Director, or person responsible for the account must ensure that transactions processed against the account are consistent with the account’s financial classification.

Best Practicies

  • Cash balances should be carefully monitored in SIRI to ensure that allocations and expenditures are supported by revenue.
  • If revenue will be less than the projected expenditures, please submit a Budget Revision to decrease the allocation.

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