One World Cafe Construction

Construction of UB's One World Cafe is one of the most significant campus construction projects since the North Campus was first built. Some disruptions are to be expected during the project's duration, which is expected to last until fall 2022. Everyone is advised to take extra time traveling around campus, as regular routes may be blocked by construction barriers.

Check here often for the latest updates on this construction project. 

Construction Update: Dec. 15, 2020

Beginning Tues. 12/22/20 through 1/22/21

Capen/Norton Hall Corridor Closure

Please be aware that the ground floor and first floor corridors between Capen and Norton Hall (North Campus) will be closed 12/22/20 until 1/22/2021 to accommodate ongoing One World Café construction. 

Please use the following detours or use the detour map as a guide. Detour signage will be clearly visible at the affected locations. 

Capen to Norton Primary Detour:

  • Go to Library elevators near 1 Capen main entrance. Take elevator to Capen 1st floor
  • Turn right and proceed to exit stairwell. Exit the building and continue along the construction fence to its end.
  • Enter Knox Hall and turn left to enter Norton Hall.
  • Take elevator to Norton Ground Floor.

Capen to Norton Secondary Detour

  • Turn around and walk toward Talbert hall.
  • Turn left down corridor following curved glass wall of 1 Capen.
  • Turn left past vending machines and continue to end of corridor.
  • Take Exit stairwell to 1st floor and exit the building.
  • Follow the construction fence to the end and enter Knox hall.
  • Turn left to enter Norton Hall. Take stairwell to Norton Ground Floor.