COVID-19 Prevention: Campus Facilities

Together, we are stopping the spread

UB has put the following protocols in place to protect your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on UB’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, please visit the COVID-19: UB Planning and Response page.

This guidance is reviewed periodically and subject to change. For specific concerns please call (24 hours a day):
UB University Facilities Customer Services

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Cleaning and disinfecting of most public spaces at UB is the responsibility of University Facilities’ custodial team. This team works hard to routinely clean and disinfect all UB public spaces in accordance with CDC and Department of Health guidelines. But we all need to do our part and wipe down personal work spaces, private offices and commonly touched areas to stop the spread of illness.

Cleaning and Disinfecting FAQs

How to Disinfect Surfaces
  1. Wipe surface with an antibacterial wipe or alcohol-based spray. 
  2. Allow surfaces to remain wet for three to four minutes before allowing them to air dry or wiping away.
  3. Discard wipe or paper towel immediately after use; wash hands.