Roads and Walkways

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Roads and walkways are routinely cleared, maintained and repaired to provide a safe campus environment. Faculty and staff can request service for campus locations.

Routine Service Hours

Customer Service Office

Days Hours
Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Reporting Problems


716-645-2025 for Customer Service


Requesting Service

Roads and Walkways — Billable and Nonbillable

Use examples of service and maintenance costs to guide your decisions. Your situation may vary from the usual. 

Roads and Walkways

Roads and Walkways — Service Examples
Billable Services Non-billable Services*
  Clearing snow from roads, parking lots and sidewalks
  Salting stairs and walkways to prevent ice
  Routinely sweeping roads, parking lots, sidewalks and patios to remove debris
  Repairing potholes and road hazards
  Repaving parking lots, sidewalks and paths

* Some units are not eligible for the non-billable rate. For questions regarding eligibility, please contact University Facilities, Finance and Administration.

Request Service

  • Log in and submit a Work Order Request or
  • Call Customer Service at 716-645-2025

Contact an Expert

Customer Service avatar.

Customer Service

University Facilities

120 John Beane Center

Phone: 716-645-2025; Fax: 716-645-5965


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