Retirement Contribution Request for UB Foundation (UBF)

Download and complete the Retirement Contribution Request form to initiate or change your TIAA-CREF deductions.

Mobile Users

For the best experience in completing this form use a non-mobile device.

Completing the PDF Form

  1. Read through all pages of the document to find specific instructions if any
  2. Enter requested information into the form
  3. Print the form
  4. Get required signatures
  5. Scan a copy of the signed form for your records
  6. Send the original, completed, signed form to:         

By campus mail:

            UB Foundation Benefits

            Attention: Joyce Weeman

            103 Center for Tomorrow

            North Campus 

By email:


By US postal mail:

            UB Foundation Benefits

            Attention: Joyce Weeman

            P.O. Box 900

            Buffalo, NY 14226-0900 

Need help completing the form?

Send email, phone or submit a question

Robin Hoeltke

Payroll & Benefits Administration Manager

UB Foundation

Phone: (716) 645-8735


Joyce Weeman

Benefits Specialist

UB Foundation

Phone: (716) 645-8731


Jahaira Shaver

Payroll & Benefits Administrator

UB Foundation

Phone: (716) 645-8733