Business Card Request

Faculty and staff request production of their UB business cards from University Print Services by submitting an online form.

Standard Design

All business cards printed by University Print Services have a standard design to ensure consistency and impact in UB's print communications.

Most faculty and staff can use a standard card request; others may need to request a modified card to fit information.

business card front side


business card back

Back — Optional

Business Card Prices

Business Card Prices — Standard Card

Business Card Sides Price Total —
100 Cards
Each Additional
100 Cards
Standard Single-Sided $18.00 $4.00
Standard Double-Sided — Back  Blue Crest only $28.00 $7.00
Standard Double-Sided — Back Blue w/ UB Social Media $30.00 $7.00

Business Card Prices — Modified Card

Business Card Sides Price —
100 Cards
Each Additional
100 Cards
Modified Single-sided Total $24.00 $4.00
Modified Double-sided Total $36.00 $7.00


  1. Choose the request form, using the table, that best fits your needs 
  2. Complete and submit a form:
    1. Standard Card request: Fill in required and optional information as desired
    2. Modified Card request: Fill in required information and upload a file with your card information
  3. You will receive email confirming your request
Components Standard Business Card Modified Business Card
Degrees and credentials 3 or fewer More than 3
Titles 3 or fewer More than 3
Contact information Side 1 only Sides 1 and 2
Proof sent before printing No Yes

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