Daily Health Check for Employees

Daily Health Verification

All employees are required to complete the Daily Health Check on the days they are scheduled to work, even if working remotely, whether or not they are coming to campus. Employees are not required to complete the Daily Health Check on the days they are not working, including holidays, scheduled days off and sick days; however, doing so even on the days when it is not required is strongly recommended out of concern for your personal health and the health of the entire UB community.

State, Research Foundation and UB Foundation employees, as well as volunteers, adjunct faculty, vendors, visitors and invited guests to campus who are otherwise not affiliated with UB, must also complete the Daily Health Check prior to their arrival on campus.

Students, faculty and staff who are working/learning entirely remotely and outside of New York State, do not have to complete the Daily Health Check.

Individuals will be required to attest that they:

  1. Have not had COVID-19 symptoms in past 10 days
  2. Have not had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test in past 10 days, and/or
  3. Have not had close contact with someone who is confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 in past 14 days when both parties were not wearing masks.

Source: Human Resources


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