Create a Mobile PIN

Before you download the Concur Mobile app, you must first create a mobile PIN as your password to sign in.

How to Create a Mobile PIN

Create a Mobile PIN

1. Log in to Concur. At the top of the home page click Profile, then click Profile Settings.

2. In Profile Options, click Concur Mobile Registration.

3. Click create a mobile PIN (Figure 1).

Zoom image: Figure 1 In Profile Options, click Mobile Registration, then click create a mobile PIN.

Figure 1

4. Create a PIN that is different from your UBIT password, then click Set PIN.

5. Install the Concur Mobile app on your mobile device. For more information, refer to the tip sheet Use the Concur Mobile App.

6. Log in to the app using your email address as the username, and the mobile PIN you created as the password.