Use Mileage Calculator in the Travel and Expense System

Best practice.

Published February 14, 2019

When entering personal car mileage in the travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur), use the mileage calculator to determine the total distance in miles you traveled.

How to Use the Mileage Calculator

Enter Personal Car Mileage expense on the report.

  • Complete the required fields marked in red.
  • Click Mileage Calculator to determine the total distance in miles you traveled:
    • In the Waypoints fields, enter your starting location in field A and your ending location in field B.
    • Click Calculate Route.
    • When finished, click Add Mileage to Expense.
Best Practice: Deduct Your Commute

On the mileage calculator, check the box Deduct Commute to exclude it from reimbursement.

General Help and Support

Travel and Expense System Customer Support

System users are encouraged to follow these steps for help and support:

1. Review Tip Sheets and Videos

  • Review tip sheets and videos for instructions to use the system.

2. Contact Business Services Customer Support

3. Register for Training

Register to attend a training or hands-on lab session to learn how to use the travel and expense system.