Concur: Request and Expense Modules — What's the Difference?

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Republished November 12, 2019

Learn the differences between the Request and Expense modules in the travel and expense reimbursement system (Concur) to ensure you properly submit your expenses for reimbursement.

How to Decide Which Module to Use

Request Module

  • Use the Request module as a budgetary tool to submit your estimated expenses for approval before you incur them. 
  • This is optional, check with your department to see if you're required to submit a request.
  • Submitting a request will not result in reimbursement.

Expense Module

  • Use the Expense module to submit your actual expenses for reimbursement. 
  • Submitting an expense report will result in reimbursement.

General Help and Support

Travel and Expense System Customer Support

System users are encouraged to follow these steps for help and support:

1. Review Tip Sheets and Videos

  • Review tip sheets and videos for instructions to use the system.

2. Contact Business Services Customer Support

3. Register for Training

Register to attend a training or hands-on lab session to learn how to use the travel and expense system.