State Financial Cutoff Dates Announced for UB Fiscal Year-End

Published March 10, 2023

Ensure that your state financial transactions are attributed to the correct UB fiscal year using the cutoff dates for each transaction type.

Expenditures must be charged to the fiscal year in which the goods or services are received.

Affected Types of Accounts

The cutoff dates are applicable to:

  • State operating
  • Income fund reimbursable (IFR)
  • Dormitory income fund reimbursable (DIFR)
  • State university tuition reimbursement accounts (SUTRA)

Year-end Cutoff Dates

Read the complete list of fiscal year-end cutoff dates for:

Cutoff Date Transaction Type
6/16/2023 Budget Revisions
6/30/2023 Revenue Transfers
7/5/2023 Reimbursement Requests
7/14/2023 Expenditure Transfer Requests (OTPS, PSR/TS)

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