New U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit Card Program for Research Participants

US Bank Prepaid Debit card.

Republished April 1, 2021


U.S. Bank prepaid Debit Card Program for RF study participant payments is now available for researchers to use to pay their human subjects.


  • New program developed in collaboration with the Vice President for Research and Economic Development (VPRED), Sponsored Projects and Financial Management.
  • First research study to make study participant payments with US Bank prepaid debit cards launched November 2020.
  • Multiple new research studies currently in different phases of implementation.
  • U.S. Bank Debit Card Program to replace the ClinCardProgram and other payment methods for research study participants.

US Bank Focus Blue Card Program Advantages

  • Debit cards are provided by US Bank at zero cost to researchers or the university
  • Debit cards are reloadable with no cost to load funds multiple times on the same card
  • Cardholder registration simple and flexible, loading funds efficient and instant issued after released
  • Elimination of cash handling for researchers, study participants and administration
  • Reduces risk on distribution and reconciliation of RF study funds
  • Central administration program support

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