Outstanding Service Recognized


Published February 19, 2021


We recognize the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Employees of the Quarter, Fourth Quarter 2020

Officers Mike Virchau, Florence Brown, Greg Fowler, and Dispatcher Alaina Reid

Responding to tragic incidents is a necessary part of our job and we have had several fairly recently, including two fatal motor vehicle accidents and a student suicide. We are fortunate to have resources such as the WNY Police Help Line to ensure necessary support is readily available to assist individuals deal with post-incident and job related stress in a healthy manner. And we are especially fortunate to have four compassionate UPD staff as trained volunteer members of the Help Line. Officers Virchau, Brown, and Fowler, and Dispatcher Reid willingly give their time to support their colleagues on an individual level, and to quickly mobilize group debriefings on short notice.

For their selfless dedication in support of their fellow UPD members, it is our pleasure to recognize Officer Michael Virchau, Officer Florence Brown, Officer Gregory Fowler, and Dispatcher Alaina Reid as our Employees of the Quarter.

Honorable Mention - Officer Daniel Behuniak

Officer Behuniak was nominated for his effective and compassionate response to a suicidal female on November 7th, 2020. Through his calm and reassuring demeanor, he successfully gained her cooperation which led to a positive outcome.

Honorable Mention - Officers Shannon Sweeney and Catie Guzman

Officers Sweeney and Guzman volunteered to assist with our UPD Intern program and served as helpful and positive role models for our participating students. The UB Police internship program has been a long term success, and a revised version of our program is being modeled as a potential diversity recruitment initiative SUNY-wide.

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