SUNY and NYS non-essential employees to work remotely until 4/29/20

Published April 13, 2020


To all employees from Mark Coldren, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

UB received confirmation in response to the continuing public health emergency for the COVID-19 virus, that the Governor extended his directive for all non-essential State employees for New York State’s agencies and public authorities in every county, to not report to work until April 29.  

Essential employees continue to be defined as anyone whose job function is essential to the effective operation of their agency or authority, or who must be physically present to perform their job, those involved in the COVID-19 emergency response, and individuals who are currently providing a vital service for students who returned to campus and are undergoing distance learning. I know that the entire UB community joins me in appreciation for all our essential colleagues are doing to maintain the operations of the university every day.

As a reminder, non-essential employees are defined as anyone who does not need to be physically present to perform job functions, or they are not required to meet the core function and programs of their agency during this emergency response.

State part time and student workers are still operating under the Governor’s executive order which includes receiving pay, potential working from home, and reporting to work only if deemed essential. With this extension comes a host of tools for campuses to use including, but are not limited to:

  1. The ability to work remotely.
  2. The ability to redeploy staff and provide alternate assignments.
  3. Continuation of pay for full-time and part-time employees currently through April 29, 2020 for anyone not working or not assigned to work.
  4. Continuation of pay for any employee quarantined up to 14 days.