Approval Authority Policy Revised

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Published August 23, 2022

The university has updated the Approval Authority Policy. The revised policy has been approved and signed by President Tripathi and is available in the University Policy Library



Only authorized individuals have the authority to obligate the University at Buffalo to receive or spend funds, provide or receive services, or otherwise commit its resources. Given the highly decentralized environment at UB, approvers play a critical role in ensuring that only appropriate activities occur. Those with approval authority are expected to exercise sound judgement in evaluating reasonableness of transactions in consideration of the scrutiny that is applied to our stewardship as a public university.

Transactions requesting payment to an individual, or that benefit an individual with approval authority, require approval by the next higher level of authority. No approver may authorize a payment to oneself or benefitting oneself, including but not limited to, personnel transactions, employee expenditure reimbursements, procurement card transactions, and travel or entertainment expenditures. This practice promotes accountability and helps to ensure the appropriate use of the university’s resources.  

Policy Revisions

The policy was updated to:
  • Add a new section, Resigning a Position With Approval Authority 
  • Add a definition for Future Commitment 


This policy applies to all university accounts and funding entities including all State, Research Foundation, and University at Buffalo Foundation (UBF) accounts. 


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Mark Coldren, Associate Vice President Human Resources


Jennifer Pesany, Assistant Vice President Financial Management

Tonga Pham, Associate Vice President University Facilities