Travel Policy Revised

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Published September 17, 2021

The Travel Policy, approved and signed by President Tripathi, is available in the University Policy Library



The University at Buffalo will reimburse individuals for actual, reasonable, necessary, appropriate, cost-effective, and approved travel and business expenses incurred while conducting university business. Reimbursement for travel and business expenses may be paid from State, Research Foundation (RF), or UB Foundation (UBF) funds and must comply with the requirements detailed in the Travel Policy Charts.

Policy Revisions

The policy was updated to:

  • Add language in the policy statement to allow exceptions in certain circumstances
  • Add a responsibility to require:
    • The Traveler to complete the Policy Exception Request when the Expense Report is submitted more than 120 days after the last day of travel; also updated the Travel Policy Charts for this requirement
    • The traveler’s supervisor, Unit Business Officer, and RF Operations Manager to approve the Policy Exception Request, as appropriate
    • Travel Services for State and RF and Accounts Payable for UBF to obtain the Policy Exception Request from the traveler, as appropriate


This policy applies to all travelers and travel expenses reimbursed and paid from State, RF, and UBF funds.


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