Minimum Wage Increase for Non-Represented Hourly and Student Employees

minimum wage.

Published December 20, 2021


The SUNY Board of Trustees announced that UB will align the minimum wage with the levels approved in the New York state budget.  


This year's increase from $12.50 to $13.20 per hour will be effective December 23, 2021 for state employees and December 31, 2021 for Research Foundation (RF) employees. The hourly wage rate will rise incrementally each year until approximately December 31, 2022.

Minimum Wage Changes
Minimum Wage Effective Date*
$11.10 12/31/2018
$11.80 12/26/2019
$12.50 12/24/2020 for state; 12/31/2020 for RF
12/23/2021 for state; 12/31/2021 for RF
TBD 12/31/2022

* Dates are approximate and are subject to change according to payroll calendar dates.

Employee Eligibility

University at Buffalo student assistants and college work-study students are eligible to receive the wage increase.

How Increases Are Funded

Departments will fund these routine increases. For example, a student works 20 hours per week earning $12.50 per hour and is paid a gross salary of $250.00. After the increase to $13.20, the student will now earn $264.00 for an increase of $14.00 to your payroll expenses.


State-funded increases are processed internally and no action by the campus is required. If departments wish to increase the rate for those students who are earning a rate other than $12.50, an ePTF may be processed.

Maximum Rate

The new maximum rate for state student assistants is $25.36/hr, effective 12/23/21.

UB Foundation (UBF)

Increases using UBF funds are processed by department request. If a student is earning a rate below minimum wage, departments are required to submit an increase request to the UBF payroll office.

Research Foundation (RF)

The Research Foundation will be following the New York state mandated increase to the minimum wage. Any employee currently below the new hourly minimum of $13.20/hour will be automatically increased to meet this new hourly rate effective 12/31/2021. Research Foundation HR staff will reach out to any department that this affects before making the change.


Although the State University of New York is not statutorily required to follow the Minimum Wage Guidelines set forth by section 652 of New York State Labor Law, it has consistently adopted such guidelines as a floor for payment of its non-represented hourly employees.

SUNY recognizes the value of the contributions made by its non-represented employees and students and joins in moving to ensure that they are paid a wage reflective of the significant contributions they make to their campus communities and local economies.

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