UB to Serve as Lead Institution for Upstate NY Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

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Published June 1, 2020

UB will serve as the lead institution for the Upstate New York Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UNY HERC).

About UB's Lead Role

The UNY HERC is dedicated to equity and excellence in the higher education workforce in the upstate New York region.

Epic shifts in our workplaces, the nature of work and workforce needs will require collaboration and innovation. The UNY HERC places UB at the hub of 30 institutions of higher education who will work together to address these challenges at the institutional and regional level.

“I am excited to work with our Board and you, our member institutions, to develop a strong network and community that facilitate the development of UNY HERC,” said Jamie Lynn Bluhm, Director of Workforce Planning and Recruitment, Human Resources at UB. “I also look forward to collaborating and discussing ideas and concerns that are timely and relevant topics impacting our region.”

UB’s leadership role with the UNY HERC strengthens the university’s commitment to create an inclusive and enduring workforce that reflects the diversity of the upstate New York region. The partnership with HERC also helps strengthen UB’s commitment to its richly diverse student population.

Ian Reynolds, Executive Director of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, says of University at Buffalo’s new role as a HERC lead institution, “University at Buffalo joins the company of 15 leading institutions in higher education that have taken their commitment to diversity and equity in the hiring and retention process to the next level by serving as regional lead institutions. Their dedication allows HERC to address regional issues head-on; reach out to and engage diverse job seekers in their respective regions; and create a space for committed individuals to network outside of their institutions or systems. We are thrilled to count UB as a lead regional institution and look forward to a fruitful and lasting partnership.”   

About the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)

Founded in 2000, HERC is a nonprofit organization working to advance diversity and distinction in higher education. Through its 19 regional chapters, HERC serves over 700 institutions across the US. HERC brings together higher education decision-makers including Provosts, Diversity Officers and Human Resources leaders with the greatest ability to impact equity, inclusion and opportunity for everyone through a purposeful and collaborative approach to recruiting and retaining exceptional professionals in higher education.

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