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Published April 29, 2019


The New York State Teachers’ Retirement System (NYSTRS) will hold their Annual Meeting of Delegates in October or November 2019 in Saratoga Springs, NY. As a participating institution, UB is eligible to elect one delegate to attend this meeting.

Delegate Responsibilities

Delegates have two main functions:

  1. To elect a teacher member to the Retirement Board at the Annual Delegates Meeting.
  2. To serve as a liaison between NYSTRS and the delegate’s peers who are also NYSTRS members.

Participation in the delegate election is voluntary and not required.

Only active members of NYSTRS who are working in a full-time capacity may participate as a delegate. All faculty members that participate in NYSTRS may nominate themselves or a peer to serve as a delegate. The candidate who receives the most votes will serve as the primary delegate for UB and the candidate who receives the second most votes will serve as the alternate delegate.

How To Participate In the Election

Please submit your nomination online. The election will close May 31, 2019 at midnight (EST). The election results will be shared with NYSTRS participants via their buffalo.edu email addresses in June.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be elected as a delegate?

Only active members of NYSTRS who are working in a full-time capacity may participate as a delegate. Retiree members are not eligible to participate even if they have returned to work.

What are the duties of a delegate?

Delegates attend a two-day annual meeting where a teacher member is elected to the NYSTRS Board. The delegate may also act as a liaison between NYSTRS and the NYSTRS members of their university.

What are the duties of an alternate?

Alternates serve as backups to their corresponding delegates. The alternate may attend the Annual Meeting, but may only vote if NYSTRS is informed prior to the meeting that the delegate will not attend and the appropriate change has been made through University at Buffalo Human Resources. Should the delegate vacate his/her position for any reason, the alternate would automatically assume the delegate position and the alternate position would remain vacant until the next regular election.

How long of a term does a delegate/alternate serve?

The delegate/alternate serves a two-year term. The current term begins on August 1, 2019 and runs for two years ending July 31, 2021.

Is it mandatory for a delegate or an alternate to attend the Annual Delegates Meeting?

No, it is not mandatory. However, if neither attends, the college which they represent will not be entitled to a vote for the teacher member of the Board up for election that year.

Who pays the Annual Delegates Meeting expenses?

Under a Comptroller’s ruling, local school districts/colleges cannot pay expenses for meeting attendance; therefore, the expenses are the responsibility of the delegate/alternate. Delegates should contact their local bargaining units about possible reimbursement.

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