Meme Contest

How do you meme?

The University at Buffalo is excited to provide an opportunity for students to show their commitment to academic integrity through a meme competition. There are many ways to share the value of integrity, but can it be done in a meme?

Submissions will be accepted through Dec. 20, 2021. Winners will be recognized at an end of the year ceremony, tentatively scheduled for May 2, 2022.


  1. Entries must be from an enrolled student or students at UB.
  2. Entries may be from an individual student or from a team submission.  All authors must be named in the application.
  3. Only one entry per person or team. Students may not enter as both an individual and as a team member.


All entries should be related to academic integrity. See our academic integrity policies for more information about this concept and our office.

Submissions will be accepted through the online Academic Integrity Meme Contest Form, only.

  • Applicant names should only appear on the application and not the meme itself.
  • Images must be created through a meme generator, such as  No images should be copyrighted or watermarked.  Please note the image source on the application.
  • Words accompanying the images must be original, not plagiarized.  If you use someone else’s words, you must cite them on your application. If you are parodying a phrase (eg. To cheat, or not to cheat…), you should also reference the original author (Shakespeare, Hamlet) on the application. If you write your own words, please indicate this on the application.
  • No citations are necessary on the meme itself, but you must cite any sources on the accompanying application.

Prohibited Material

  • Material that is graphically violent or of a sexual nature
  • Material that discriminates or causes divisions based on politics, religion, race, sex, gender, etc. 
  • Copyrighted images, including those with watermarks.
  • Quotes that are not attributed.


  • Winners will be chosen by the Office of Academic Integrity in conjunction with an awards committee.
  • Three gift cards for Campus Cash will be awarded.  
    • First place prize is $100.  
    • Second place prize is $75.  
    • Third place prize is $50.
  • Artwork may also be displayed on the University at Buffalo’s social media posts, in posters and in print during the 2022-23 academic year.

Inspiration for this contest was derived from Langara College, Vancouver, BC, Canada.