Grab and Go Lesson: Visual Academic Integrity Lesson

Example of Plagiarism With Discussion Questions

Two very similar artistic drawings of an anime character side by side with the letters "hahaha" sketched next to them.
  • One is Japanese, one is American. Which came first? Japanese (black and white) was first.
  • What’s similar? Composition, placement on page, words, facial expression, etc. 
  • What’s different? Color, lettering, blood, clothing. 
  • Does anyone know the back story on this? American artist, Nick Simmons, on right (in color) copied many drawings and some storyline from Japanese artist, Tite Kubo, on left (in black and white). Simmons was accused of plagiarism and his publishing deal was withdrawn.
  • Why am I showing you this? Structure and content of your work must be original.
  • How can I prevent this? Don’t copy. Always acknowledge your sources.
  • Explain how this example relates to the work in this particular course.


Kubo, T.  (2008, October 3).  Bleach:  The Undead 4,  #311.  Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan:  Shueisha.

Simmons, N.  (2009, December 9).  Incarnate,  #3.  San Francisco, CA:  Viz Media.