Grab and Go Lesson: Scenarios

There are many ways to discuss academic integrity with students. The following is intended to provide one possible structure for a lesson on this important topic. You can choose to use just one script for a mini-lesson or both scripts with the optional exercise at the end to fill a 50-minute class.

The instructor should print copies of the script(s) prior to class and select students to act out the roles. The first scenario requires two scripts/student volunteers, while the second scenario requires four. At the conclusion of the role play, engage in-class discussion surrounding academic integrity. Guiding questions are provided below.

Scenario 1: Goodbye to Grandma

Scenario 2: Group Project Mishap

Optional: Scenario 3

Assign students to groups and give each group a type of academic dishonesty from the list of eight common academic integrity infractions. Have students work in their groups to write a scenario exemplifying how this would play out. Ask the rest of the class to discuss the same types of discussion questions from scenarios 1 and 2.