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international students smiling and walking through a campus hall

Writing in the Disciplines and Second Language Writers

A Key Asset

International Students

UB enrolls the largest number of number of international students in its history!

The presence of so many non-native speakers contributes to UB's stimulating academic community. Both domestic and international students benefit from learning within a diverse, global environment.  We can all be challenged to make the most of the uniquely diverse environment we have here at UB.

This means we must learn to operate within a paradigm of linguistic diversity.  Our students will have different relationships to English and will be at different stages of their journey toward proficiency in written and spoken English.  The key question is: 

How can we support each student in their journey, beginning where they are, as they progress to the next level of proficiency?

Often faculty experience difficulty knowing how to approach the writing issues of our multi-lingual students.  The Center for Excellence in Writing is a vital resource for helping instructors adapt to the challenge of providing writing support to students doing academic work outside of their native language.