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Writing in the Disciplines (WID)

Writing is an integral part of creating and communicating knowledge across the campus.  

Our Mission

Writing plays an important role in creating discipline-specific knowledge.  As students both learn and create knowledge in their disciplines and as they develop professional voices, they need opportunities to write on substantive issues in their major.  Consequently faculty, supported by writing experts, are the best teachers for advanced writing instruction. The Center for Excellence in Writing supports UB’s faculty as they include writing in their courses.  It also engages in a variety of outreach activities.

Learning to Write

While the First Year Writing program can give students some flexible skills for addressing new writing challenges, these courses cannot teach students the specific expectations for every discipline.  For this reason, students must be given plentiful experience and explicit instruction in writing in their own discipline.   The Center for Excellence in Writing is here to support faculty to provide such experience and instruction. 

Writing to Learn

Research has demonstrated that writing is a powerful tool for learning.  Writing helps students to synthesize new information into the framework of what they have already learned, to make connections, to discover their own perspectives, and to engage with material that otherwise would be memorized and forgotten.  Including writing activity in your curriculum will deepen your students' learning experience and make new understandings more enduring and transferable.  We can help you with ways to incorporate writing into your curriculum that won’t significantly add to your workload.