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Working at the CEW

a group of writing consultants

Make a difference--join our wonderful community of writing consultants!   

The Center for Excellence in Writing employs Undergraduate Consultants, Graduate Consultants, and Teaching Assistants. We hire consultants in a variety of disciplines.

For Undergraduates

To work as an Undergraduate Consultant, you should be a strong academic writer and have an interest in mentoring or teaching. ENG 495: Composing/Consulting is an undergraduate prerequisite for work in the CEW. This course is generally offered in the Fall and Spring and will prepare students to work in the CEW the following semester. (Please note that taking ENG 495 does not guarantee that you will be hired to work in the CEW.)

For Graduates

To work as a Graduate Consultant, you should have demonstrated success in academic writing in your discipline, pedagogical experience (teaching or tutoring), and pedagogical coursework. If you lack specific experience with writing instruction, we may still be able to employ you. If you have these qualifications and would like to work at the CEW, download the application below and send your completed application to

For Teaching Assistants

We hire a limited number of Teaching Assistants each year, primarily doctoral students who have significant teaching experience.  We will assess our needs for Academic Year 2017/18 in the Spring of 2017.  At that time, if you are interested in being considered for such a position, please contact us at