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Digital Composition Lab

We provide support for digital composing through presentations, workshops, and individual consulting services.

Digital technology has transformed the landscapes of academic and professional communication.  Technological advances have given us the ability to go beyond print text to incorporate multiple modalities from powerful photographs, convincing illustrations, graphs that tell the stories of our data, and much more.   Today’s most powerful communicators are able to make the most of these modalities in the compositions of their arguments, reports and messages.  

Therefore, the CEW is pleased to announce the opening of a satellite space inside the Silverman Library (Capen 128) devoted to promoting and supporting the development of digital composing skills among UB students, faculty and staff.

Support for Creators

Incorporating digital elements into texts.

Evaluating effectiveness of multi-modal texts.

Technology selection to achieve purposes.

Overcoming technological obstacles

Digital Elements and Genres:

•    Document design
•    E-portfolios
•    Infographics
•    Data Visualization
•    Illustrations
•    Images
•    Embedding video/sound/animation
•    Research posters
•    Conference posters
•    Presentation Slides

Support for Faculty

Designing assignments to develop multi-modal composing skills.

Classroom presentations to support your assignments.

Support for your students as they engage with your assignment.

Exciting new employment opportunity for students!

The CEW’s Digital Composition Lab is a crossroad for talent and expertise in the emerging competencies required for composing in the digital age.  We are looking for undergraduate and graduate level students to act as consultants and peer mentors related to the above digital elements and genres.  Contact if you are interested in working as a consultant in the Digital Composition Lab!

Also, if you have a presentation or workshop idea, email, or better yet, stop by the Digital Composition Lab and say hello!

Upcoming Event!
Digital Citizenship Presentation

Join us for a fascinating discussion with Dr. Michael Stefanone who will discuss creating content and cultivating audiences across social media platforms. You will be surprised by the research on how social media is changing the way we write, communicate, and share important messages.

This will be the official DCL kick-off event. Light reception to follow.

Friday 9/22    12:30 - 2:00

Upcoming Event!
Download Walk-Thrus

The DCL (Capen 128) will be holding Download Walk-thrus. Come learn what software is available FREE to all UB students, and we'll help you download and install whatever you need on your device.

Thursday  9/21    2:00 – 3:00