Digital Composition Lab

We provide support for integrating digital elements into compositions through presentations, workshops, and individual consulting services.

We are happy to announce the opening of The Digital Composition Lab, conveniently located in 128 Capen in the Silverman Library. This space is a digitally enhanced extension of the Center for Excellence Writing’s main site in 209 Baldy. Staffed by the CEW’s most technologically saavy consultants, writers can come to the CEW when they are working on a document that has digital elements to consider. Whether it be basic document design, inserting an image into the text, creating a custom diagram to explain your ideas, selecting the right chart to tell the story of your data, or considering how to build a relationship between your text and a visual element, we can help. We can also help with more visual genres such as research posters and presentation slides. 

The DCL has laptops and desktops outfitted with a variety of software for students who need access to the digital tools that will help them to accomplish their compositional purposes.

Support for Creators

Incorporating digital elements into texts.

Evaluating effectiveness of multi-modal texts.

Technology selection to achieve purposes.

Overcoming technological obstacles

Digital Elements and Genres:

•    Document design
•    E-portfolios
•    Infographics
•    Data Visualization
•    Illustrations
•    Images
•    Embedding video/sound/animation
•    Research posters
•    Conference posters
•    Presentation Slides

Support for Faculty

Designing assignments to develop multi-modal composing skills.

Classroom presentations to support your assignments.

Support for your students as they engage with your assignment.

The DCL is also an appealing space for doing hands on “sandbox workshops” to develop skills in incorporating digital elements into written compositions. In these guided workshops, you will gain hands-on experience with beginner-level tasks and programs. Come get your feet wet with new programs or dive deeper into your favorite ones!

In addition, the DCL is the perfect space for interactive writing related professional development workshops and group tutoring sessions.

If you have a workshop idea, email or stop by the Digital Composition Lab (Capen 128) and say hello!

Exciting new employment opportunity for students!

The CEW’s Digital Composition Lab is a crossroad for talent and expertise in the emerging competencies required for composing in the digital age.  We are looking for undergraduate and graduate level students to act as consultants and peer mentors related to the above digital elements and genres.  Contact if you are interested in working as a consultant in the Digital Composition Lab!