Shining a spotlight on outstanding members of our community.

Featured Consultant

  • Sarah Wack

    I love working with writers at the CEW because every session offers a puzzle that creates a dialogue of perspective between myself and the writer.

    Whether it be a brainstorming session where a writer has the opportunity to passionately voice their thoughts or an essay where we discuss revamping structure to strengthen the work, every meeting I find myself amazed by what the writer has to offer and how they can build and grow with each appointment. As a UB Teach major, I hope to teach World History in a high school classroom one day and working one on one with the writers at the CEW has helped strengthen my tutoring and communication skills, which are crucial for my future endeavors!

    Sarah W.

Featured Writer

  • Zhi He

    Zhi has been using the Center for Excellence in Writing at UB for about a year, working with a variety of consultants and striving to improve his writing abilities beyond just a particular assignment. Although he describes writing as his weakest subject, through hard work and a little help from the CEW he has become quite strong in his “weakest subject” and continues to hone his writing skills.

    Zhi has been kind enough to share with the UB community his experiences with the CEW and writing, and offers great insights and advice for anyone working to improve their writing skills!

    What did you find helpful about the CEW?
    Through CEW, I get to learn new vocab, sentence structure, and different ways of strengthening my writing. Writing is like cooking a meal. The professor gave me a dish he wanted and I had to come up with a way to cook it perfectly. CEW is like the receipt that guides me to what the professor wants. CEW acts as a guide toward improving my writing for the better. Every Time I have a major assignment, I come to CEW. It is like peer-review but from people who are experts at writing different categories.

    What about writing do you find challenging, and how do you overcome these things?
    Oftentimes, I tend to repeat words, wander in my own thoughts, grammar fragments, and am unfocused on my ideas. I often used favorite words to fill the gaps in my paper. Sometimes I was able to overcome this problem by having friends and a tutor to peer-review my work.

    What did you learn from different consultants?
    Every consultant has different ways of writing. They are unique in their voice, sentence structure, and format. Every consultant provides different values and it is important to have different opinions. One taught me to use my voice more, while the other taught me to smooth the structure. Overall every consultant provides different values to my writing.

    What are your personal tricks and tips for writing?
    My best trick is to free write. Then edit and change things on the paper. Take a break. Then continue editing. Taking a break is important because it allows me to get new perspective.

    How do you manage stress, writer's block, or any other obstacles?
    To manage stress I hang out with friends, ride a bicycle, and do other things to distract myself. When I am freshened up again, I go back to the stressful task. Same for writer’s block.

    What do you like to do when you do not write?
    Oh boy. I do many things. When I am not writing, I study for my classes, cook, hangout with friends, run, bike, drive, ride my motorcycle, listen to music, do internships, etc. Writing is just one part of my life.

    Any advice for those who are new to the CEW?
    Since the appointment moves quickly, you should prepare for the major concern you had before sitting down with them. That way by the time the appointment is over, the majority of your concern is taken care of!

    Zhi H.