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Located at 209 Baldy, we support students, faculty and staff and enjoy working with international and multilingual students. Through our peer consulting service we can help with any type of writing: essays, reports, dissertations, articles, personal statements, cover letters, emails…anything! If you compose it, we will work with you on it. We also support UB by doing workshops, presentations and hosting special programs. We hold writing retreats and can help your department with writing support initiatives such as special workshops, writing groups, or in-house retreats.

Thursday 10/19 @ 2pm

Chances are that you have made a slideshow using PowerPoint, but do you know how to make some really tricked out custom slides?  Make your presentations really stand out by learning the more advanced functionalities of PowerPoint.  This hands-on workshop will give you the opportunity to deepen your presentation skillset.

This is my second year working at the Writing Center, and I really enjoy it. The staff, as well as the clients I get to work with, are friendly and all have different perspectives on writing, which can lead to some pretty interesting conversations. Helping other people with their writing has made me improve my own. What job could be better than that?

Over the years, I have visited the CEW to work on different writing projects ranging from conference papers and journal articles to dissertation chapters. Working with the consultants really helped me to write more concisely and coherently. I also find it beneficial to talk to a consultant who is outside my field. This compels me to explain my ideas more clearly. And I gain more confidence in my final piece if I succeed in convincing a non-expert of the importance of my research.