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Make Buffalo Niagara Your Home

There are myriad reasons for you to think about relocating to Buffalo Niagara. Buffalo is a thriving city situated in a region of more than two million people that offers a world of opportunity with a small-town feel. See for yourself.

City Hall

Resurging History

Buffalo’s rich history is fueling its promising future. The city has seen a resurgence of historic sites, from the development of Canalside in the former Erie Canal district, to new life breathed into the elegant Statler City and the Hotel @ the Lafayette, to the creation of the truly unique Larkin Square.

Accessible and Affordable

Buffalo offers all the amenities of a major urban area—without the headaches. The average workday commute is less than 20 minutes, which is the lowest out of 50 major U.S. cities. Affordable housing is widely accessible throughout the region, and reasonable costs of living make the good life possible on any budget. Most neighborhoods offer easy access to shopping, recreation, dining and excellent schools.

Albright Knox Art Gallery

Cultural Destination

Artistic indulgence is plentiful with a vast array of professional theaters, performance venues and galleries within the region. Buffalo is a top arts destination in the U.S., and UB’s Center for the Arts plays a significant role in enhancing and promoting the artistic landscape.

High School Students

High Marks in Education

Western New York features outstanding high schools, including Buffalo’s City Honors School, which Newsweek has ranked among the best in the nation. Many more rank within the top 100 in New York State.

Buffalo. For Real.
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Discover gorgeous landscapes, a world-class art museum and some of America's greatest architecture.

Buffalo Weather
Buffalo landmarks and landscapes in four different seasons

Buffalo is known for its snow, but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that our region enjoys four distinct seasons, each remarkable in its own right.

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