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Communications Plans

University Communications collaborates with UB partners in the creation and execution of strategic communications plans.

Our office is currently working with the following units on their Strategic Communications Plans:

  • School of Social Work
  • Career Services
  • Realizing UB2020
  • Winter Session

Communication Plans

Communications plans align messages and communications vehicles with organization/program current and aspirational goals and objectives.  A communication plan is a written document that describes:

  • The Communciations Objectives/Goals
  • Strategies to achieve the Objectives/Goals
  • Target audiences
  • Tactics, tools, timelines to achieve the Objectivs/Goals
  • How to evaluate and measure the results

Communication Outlets

Communications include all written, spoken, and electronic interaction with your target audiences. A communication plan encompasses objectives, strategies, and tactics for all communications, including but not limited to:

  • Public Media
  • Controlled Media
  • Interactive Media
  • Events
  • One-on-one

Tactics and Tools

  • Print Invitation
  • Email Invitation and Reminder
  • Website Promotional Modules
  • Attendee Registration Site with Coordinating Header/Footer Graphics
  • Unit Website Updates
  • Social Media Promotion
  • UB Calendar of Event Entries
  • Homepage Spotlight Feature driving visitors to UB 2020 Building UB Physical Plan News and Progress section.
  • Reporter Story
  • Press Conferences
  • This Week at UB Email Coverage
  • Media advisory
  • Talking points/speaker cue sheets
  • Signage
  • Program
  • Script
  • Speeches
  • Follow-up Email to Attendees
  • Surveys
  • News release
  • Paid advertising
  • Visuals (slide presentations, banners, posters)
  • Photography
  • Symbols and behaviors
  • Location and stage set
  • Music, lighting, atmospherics
  • How people are greeted, seated, fed
  • Who is given a speaking role, who gets a support role, who is in the audience
  • One-one media interviews, or a gaggle
  • UB-produced video news release
  • Thank you notes
  • Coverage in “owned media”: UB publications, web sites, social media (print, video, photos)
  • Coverage in “earned media”: external news media,  including blogs, social media, international media and specialized trade media (e.g.,  Chronicle of Higher Ed blogs, University Business magazine,  Prism , the publication of American Society for Engineering Education)
  • Souvenirs:  keepsake book or photo album for VIPs, a memento (ribbon, scissors)
  • MyUB Announcements
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