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Ongoing Commitments

The Division of University Communications supports UB’s highest-priority communication needs. Most of our time (about 48,000 of our total capacity of 63,600 hours) goes toward ongoing functions, such as working with the news media, producing UB Reporter and UB Today, and other university-wide publications, social media channels and web sites.

We are able to allocate about 10,000 hours per year to new initiatives and projects that are aligned closely to the university’s strategic plan and that provide the best return on investment.

Our annual workplan is created in consultation with key leaders of the university and is approved by the Vice President.

This is a selection of metrics for our most important products and services that we maintain on behalf of the University.

University Communications leads the university-wide Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) initiative aimed at helping units across UB’s campuses to create and manage more effective websites to achieve their business objectives.  
Our work each year produces dozens of stories about UB research/initiatives and quotations from UB faculty experts in such influential media as NPR’s Morning Edition, the New York Times, CBS Evening News, the Wall Street Journal and WebMD.
UB Alert website
UB strives to continuously revise and improve its emergency plans, procedures and organizational structure.   The university’s All Hazard Emergency Plan is consistent with national standards for emergency planning, including the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS).
UC maintains a portfolio of Web products on behalf of the the University. This is a selection of our most important Web products and the growth they have experienced in page views and time on site.
We're working with communicators across UB to share ideas and best practices for effectively using and managing social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
University Communications collaborates with UB partners in the creation and execution of strategic communications plans.
The Communications Toolbox page provides guidance, tools and resources for official UB communications.

University Communciations facilitates the UB Communicators Network, a group of University at Buffalo employees who help support the university's internal and external communications, marketing and public relations efforts.

At any given time, University Communications has more than 150 jobs open for academic and administrative units. These graphs show a sampling of jobs by client, type and category.
Our Trademarks and Licensing program maintains the university's legal rights by monitoring and controlling the use of UB trade names and trademarks, and collects on royalties.

Ongoing Committments

  • Communications counsel
  • Brand stewardship
  • Institutional communications tools and programs
  • News media relations
  • Issues management
  • Strategically-selective production services

Base Capacity Toward Ongoing Committments

2013 Ongoing Committments
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