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2012 Goals and Outcomes

University Communications is committed to measuring outcomes of all its work. Research-driven measurements assist University Communications in assessing whether a project met its stated goals and help UC continuously improve its work.

2012 Measurements

Progress toward University Communications’ Calendar Year 2012 Project Work Plan.
University Communications updates the status of more than two-dozen campus units involved in this university-wide initiative aimed at helping units across UB’s campuses to create and manage more effective websites. The status of participating units is delineated by percentage of completion in working through the steps of the DCT.
This report shows University at Buffalo news coverage for July through December, 2012. Broadcast news coverage was factored into this reporting if a particular news story appeared on the website of radio or TV news outlets.
UC maintains a portfolio of Web products on behalf of the the University. This is a selection of our most important Web products and the growth they have experienced in page views and time on site.
University Communications uses analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of its social media channels, such as Facebook and YouTube.
University Communications collaborates with UB partners in the creation and execution of strategic communications plans. UC saw a significant increase in the volume of projects acceptetd in 2012 compared to the previous year.
Using analytics, University Communications tracks content usage on the Communications Toolbox page, which provides guidance, tools and resources for official UB communications. This allows UC to ensure that the content post meets users' communications needs.

University Communciations facilitates the UB Communicators Network, a group of University at Buffalo employees who help support the university's internal and external communications, marketing and public relations efforts.

At any given time, University Communications has more than 150 jobs open for academic and administrative units. These graphs show a sampling of jobs by client, type and category.
University Communications monitors and controls the use of UB trade names and trademarks, collects on royalties and measures the effectiveness of the “Get Blue” promotional campaign.
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