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Of the three elements in UB's mission-education, research, and service-the last may be the least well understood. The articles that follow present portraits of UB serving its community through both institutional and individual effort.

Unlike many colleges and universities, UB has always been intensely and purposefully engaged with its neighbors. Indeed, to speak of university and community as if they were separate suggests a distinction that, on a fundamental level, does not exist. It was the community that gave birth to and built UB, that peopled its corridors and classrooms, and, when the university accepted its larger mandate as a public institution, it was the community that absorbed and housed the students and faculty who came to it from across the state and nation and beyond.

In 1992, UB determined to make the natural activity of its service self-conscious by creating a vice-presidential Office of Public Service and Urban Affairs. This office, which is in the vanguard of a national movement among research universities to redefine their missions now that Cold War research imperatives have receded, is reweaving the three strands of UB's mission by making the integration of service, research and teaching explicit.

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