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Shall we dance?

UB Swing club helps students gain confidence and make connections.


Through haunting sketches of brownfields and waste sites, UB artist Joan Linder documents Western New York's toxic history.

Distinguished service

Mick Thompson has been recognized nationally for his contributions to graduate education, both at UB and beyond.

Impact through education

UB dentist Othman Shibley strives to change Syria’s destiny through education.

Hammill to lead Graduate School

Graham Hammill, professor and chair of the Department of English, has been appointed vice provost for graduate education and dean of the Graduate School.

National champ

Senior Jonathan Jones took first place in the shot put at the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, becoming the first national champion in UB's Division I history.

Tying music to place

UB faculty member Eric Huebner co-founded a chamber music series that combines classical music with a celebration of the city’s rich architectural history.

Confucian educator

George Lee's work on UB’s international profile is nothing short of momentous.

Award winner

The Women’s Health Initiative has been recognized for its groundbreaking work investigating the major factors influencing disease and death in older women.

Mapping hate, zombies and Flickr

UB geographer Monica Stephens maps social phenomena, work that sparks fierce societal debate.

Examining federalism from the bottom up

After two trips to do field research in Europe, UB Law Interim Dean James A. Gardner is back in Buffalo with new insight into the struggle for power between central governments and their states.

Fulbright scholar

With a heart for service, teaching and international humanitarian work, UB senior Abigail LaPlaca is the poster child for a Fulbright student scholar.

Q & A


In a Q&A with the UB Reporter, Campaign for the Community Chair Marsha Lewis talks about the campaign and how it reinforced her belief in the goodness and generosity of the UB community.

Meeting the pope

UB faculty member Satpal Singh was one of a handful of interfaith leaders who met Pope Francis during his visit to New York City. He talks about the experience with the UB Reporter.

Chess master

When the chess world suspects someone of having cheated in a tournament, UB computer scientist Ken Regan is the guy who gets the call.

Bundle up

UB faculty member David Holmes offers advice on how best to protect yourself if you need to be outside during extremely frigid weather.

Boston Marathon bomber

As the trial of accused Boston Marathon bomber DzhokharTsarnaev gets underway, UB forensic psychologist Daniel Antonius talked to the UB Reporter about how emotions in the case affect jury selection.

Ebola preparedness

In a Q&A with the UB Reporter, Barbara Ricotta, chair of the UB Ebola Advisory Committee, talks about how UB is keeping members of the university community safe in the wake of the Ebola outbreak in western Africa.

New course evaluation system

In a Q&A with the UB Reporter, Scott Weber talks about the new course evaluation system being introduced to standardize the way UB students evaluate their courses.

campus sexual assault prevention

Sharon Nolan-Weiss talks about sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, and how UB is addressing the issue.

UB health officials monitoring Ebola outbreak in West Africa

This Q&A addresses some of the questions members of the UB community may have about the staus of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the preparedness of the university regarding this public health emergency.

Behind the scenes

UB Law School adjunct faculty member Nellie Drew shares some of her experiences in the sports law field.

Q&A with Karl Fiebelkorn

Longtime pharmacy administrator and faculty member talks about the profession and his time at UB.

Heartbleed bug

CIO J. Brice Bible talks about the latest Internet security issue and what steps members of the UB community can take to keep their computers, accounts and information safe.