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Your Colleagues



UB faculty member Nicholas Rajkovich is part of a research effort to build resilience in low-income urban communities that are vulnerable to such climate change-related events as flooding and high heat.


Teresa Miller offers some "informal rules of cultural engagement" designed to help further UB's commitment to being an inclusive and diverse community.


UB faculty member Gary Giovino is serving as a consultant on an international project to collect health data via mobile phone.  


For UB faculty member Robert Wahler, Niagara Hospice preserves quality of life at the end of life.

Question & Answers


Jay Roorbach, UB's new senior emergency planning coordinator, ensures UB is prepared to respond to any given situation.


A thrifty consumer with an eye on fuel costs, UB staff member Kris Miller plugs into alternative power.


Mathematician Bill Menasco studies knot theory, a field that is esoteric to many but could have applications in surprising areas.


UB faculty member Claude Welch talks about why the Universal Declaration still matters, nearly 70 years after its implementation by the United Nations.

Awards & Recognition


Eight UB faculty members representing a variety of disciplines have been named faculty fellows for 2016-17.


Deborah Waldrop has been appointed to a prestigious National Quality Forum committee addressing palliative and end-of-life care.


Five UB engineers received the awards, the NSF's most significant for early-career academic researchers.  


Kathi James of the UB Child Care Center has been recognized by the SUNY Early Care and Education Leaders.