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Past Campus News

Chess master

When the chess world suspects someone of having cheated in a tournament, UB computer scientist Ken Regan is the guy who gets the call.

Postdoc mentor

Geology professor Greg Valentine, a “dedicated advocate” for postdoctoral scholars, is the recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Postdoc Mentor Award from the Graduate School’s Office of Postdoctoral Scholars.

Searching for academic stars

The SPARK program aims to identify promising freshmen and sophomores who may be the next UB students to land nationally and internationally competitive fellowships and scholarships.

Top principals

Principals of the year in New York State the past two years have been graduates of UB's LIFTS program for prospective administrators.

Summer fun

The UB Child Care Center is offering more children a chance to have a summer camp experience with the expansion of its program for school-aged children into recently renovated space in Butler Annex B.

GSE student receives scholarships

Graduate School of Education doctoral student Maryam Sadat Sharifian has received three scholarships to encourage her “to make a difference in the world."

Rite of passage

Two hundred UB medical residents received their long white coats in a ceremony symbolizing they have graduated from medical school and earned the title of physician.

Green alternative

BikeShare at UB is becoming an increasingly popular way to travel around campus.

What would Atticus do?

With the upcoming publication of a sequel to the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird," members of the UB Law School community reflect on the book's hero, Atticus Finch, the great fictional lawyer who they say represents the best of the profession and the best of humanity.

Redemption road

Sean Bearden's nontraditional path to an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship began with his dropping out of high school and spending time in prison before landing at UB and becoming a dedicated physicist and one of the university's most accomplished students of 2014-15.