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Spring on the Web

As the school year ends and Western New Yorkers are offered occasional glimpses of the natural splendor that is on its way, thoughts naturally turn to what one will do with the upcoming months. For many, these months mean gardening!

Thankfully, the Web offers a cornucopia of gardening information. One of the best sites on the Web is The Virtual Garden ( Its colorful front page gets you right in the spirit of the season and offers a number of incredibly valuable resources. These are divided into two categories. The "Features" area is "a source for articles, reviews, how-to information, and expert advice." The "Toolshed" area houses "powerful applications, directories, and databases." "Features" offers selections such as "Fresh-Picked," "Garden Guru," and "Marketplace" and "Toolshed" offers resources such as "Look up a Plant," "Talk to a Gardener," or "Dig the Net." If you need information on a specific plant, subject, or resource, you can use The Virtual Garden's well-developed search feature and type a keyword in the "Search VG window."

One of the easiest places to begin using The Virtual Garden is "VG At-a-Glance." Here, grouped in the broad areas of interest "Browse the latest from," "Learn how to," "Search for more information," and "Have some fun" are links to such interesting sites as "Sunset Magazine," "Orchids," "the VG Bookshelf," "Find your climate zone," "Find a local nursery," and "Send us your two cents on a gardening topic." Of these resources, don't miss "Visit the New York Botanical Garden" and the "Time Life Plant Encyclopedia."

Connect to The Virtual Garden and spring right into months of pleasurable gardening!

For information on connecting to the World Wide Web via University at Buffalo computer accounts, contact the CIT Help Desk at 645-3542.

- Loss Pequeño Glazier, University Libraries

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