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Annual Information Technology Fair set for March 19, 20

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UB will present its second annual Information Technology Fair on Wednesday and Thursday, March 19 and 20, in the Natural Sciences Building.

The fair is designed to promote consciousness and awareness of information technology at UB, as well as provide faculty and staff with information on technological advances, what else is available and the future of information technology.

Speakers representing Nynex, Bell Atlantic and Adelphia Cable Communications will present a keynote address, "Bringing High-Speed Internet Access to the Home," at 8:45 a.m. on March 19.

Michael Stoner, vice president of Halstead Public Relations/College Connections, a consulting firm that provides strategic communications services to education, associations and non-profits groups, will present the second keynote address, "Taking Charge of Technology: Using the Tools of the Information Age," at 8:45 a.m. on March 20.

A national authority in new media, the Internet and the World Wide Web, and online services, Stoner has made numerous presentations at professional conferences and on campuses. His expertise is frequently cited in a variety of higher-education publications, including CASE Currents, the Chronicle of Higher Education, UCDA Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and the Washington Post, and on NPR's "The Best of Our Knowledge."

In addition, Voldemar Innus, senior associate vice president for university services, will discuss "UB's IT Vision" at 11:10 a.m. on March 19.

Innus was appointed to lead the university's efforts in information technology in August 1996. He works directly with the University Libraries and Computing and Information Technology (CIT), and closely with the Provost Office's technology planning efforts and initiatives, providing UB with a single focus for its information planning and implementation efforts, as well as improved coordination and communication with campus constituents, improved financial planning for information technology and more progress toward achieving the university's identified objectives in information technology.

The fair will offer information aimed at persons with both novice and advanced computer skills, focusing on three knowledge tracks: teaching and learning, administrative, and UB's information technology efforts.

The teaching and learning track will include sessions on Unix and VMS migration, Bison II, e-UB and UB Wings, CIT faculty support programs, public computing and printing at UB, distance learning, library partnerships, technology classrooms, campus networking and access, and a faculty showcase.

The administrative track will include sessions on ADAMS update, UB InfoSource orientation, UB InfoSource demonstration, IT strategies in higher education within administrative computing, undergraduate education IT initiatives, client server overview and UB WebFlow project update.

The track on UB's information technology strategies will include sessions on DCC presentations, a joint session on the Libraries, CIT and provost's nodes, UB's Internet connection: present and future, IT policies and guidelines, critical message systems: e-mail at UB, and IT and making IT student friendly.

(The Reporter will publish the entire schedule of events for the Information Technology Fair in its Feb. 20 issue.)

A variety of technological demonstrations also will be offered throughout the two-day fair.

This year, the Information Technology Fair will include the "Best of the UB Web 1997" competition. UB students, faculty and staff can nominate websites for categories that include best overall awards for academic, administrative, faculty, student and teaching or instructional homepages. In addition, design awards will be presented in categories that include best page design, best logo, best use of multiple media, best use of interaction, best interactive environment and best navigation aid.

The "Best of the UB Web 1997" competition also will present awards for technical merit, the most important service concept and the most important contribution to the world wide web's future success.

For more information, visit the Information Technology Fair website at Information also is available by calling 645-3580, or e-mail

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