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Word of Mouth

How successful do you think the Buffalo Bills will be this season?

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Published: Sept. 29, 2011

  • I am a big fan of the Bills—season ticket holder for 30 years. I think the last two (home) games have been as exciting as any I saw in those 30 years, with the possible exception of the famous comeback against the Oilers. It is hard to predict where the Bills will be at the end of the season when no one would have predicted they would be 3-0 at this point in the season. That said, I think the offense has been awesome, but the pass defense is a little weak and unless that is corrected, the good teams will find ways to take advantage.

    Barry Willer
    Department of Psychiatry

  • Does it matter? THEY BEAT THE PATRIOTS!!!! Woot! Woot!

    Cynthia Todd
    Assistant Director for Resource Management
    Trademarks and Licensing

  • I think it all hinges on Fitzpatrick’s health because to me, it all hinges on him playing at the level he’s playing at now. If he gets hurt, forget about it; if he stays healthy, then I expect we’ll at least make the playoffs, possibly win the AFC East, and maybe even win a playoff game. With a couple of good moves, next year I expect us to be a major contender.

    Matt Deck
    Assistant Director, Clinical Operations
    School of Dental Medicine

  • With their great start, they’ve generated some terrific momentum, which I think will serve to at least get them to the playoffs. My husband says they are going to the Super Bowl, but I’d rather say not and be gleefully surprised than say yes and be disappointed. Oh, and did anyone record the game last week? We were out of town and missed it!

    Pamela Rose
    Coordinator, Web Services and Library Promotion
    Health Sciences Library