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Word of Mouth

Fill in the blank: The long, cold winter; the long, wet spring; the long, hot summer; the ? fall.

Scroll down to “post a comment” and fill in the blank.

Published: Sept. 1, 2011

  • The I’m-so-happy-it-cooled-off fall.

    Maggie Penque
    Secretary 1
    Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences

  • The long, colorful and crisp fall.

    James Rosso
    Admissions Advisor
    School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

  • The just-right fall, where we can be grateful for our diverse weather conditions and rest assured that the only “devastation” we’ll experience this season will be from our professional football team.

    Joseph Rumfola
    Associate Director
    Advanced Education in General Dentistry

  • The sunny, crisp fall.

    Phyllis Floro
    Associate Director
    Student Life

  • The temperatures fall, or The pumpkin-pickin’, football-flingin’, graveyard-ghouls-a-doorbell ringin’, leaf-pile-leapin’, family-feastin’ fall.

    Robert Wilder
    University Communications

Reader Comments

David Love says:


Posted by David Love, Staff Assistant, 09/07/11

Rasha Ali says:

cloudy, cool full.

Posted by Rasha Ali, Biomaterial Graduate student, 09/06/11