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Simpson to delay retirement

Published: January 5, 2011

President John B. Simpson announced today that he will stay on as president while the search for his successor moves toward a conclusion.

In an e-mail to the university community, Simpson said that the progress that is being made in the presidential search has prompted him to remain at the university beyond Jan. 15, the date he had planned to retire.

“Following discussions with SUNY officials and University Council Chairman Jeremy Jacobs, I have agreed to continue to serve as president for a limited period of time beyond Jan. 15 while the search process moves toward a conclusion,” he said.

Jacobs, who chairs the Presidential Search Committee, notified the university community earlier this week that the search committee was making “excellent progress” in identifying UB’s 15th president and had received nominations of “exceptionally well-qualified candidates from some of the nation’s best universities.”

“We continue to narrow the pool to those candidates in whom we are especially interested,” Jacobs said, noting it was “gratifying to learn of the extraordinary interest in the University at Buffalo by so many outstanding scholarly leaders. Such interest speaks well of UB’s reputation and promise as a leading public research university.”

The search committee ultimately will narrow the candidate pool to those individuals who will be invited to meet for confidential, off-campus interviews.

At the conclusion of its interview process, which may involve multiple rounds, the search committee will recommend a list of qualified candidates to the UB Council. The council then makes its recommendation to SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher for consideration by the SUNY Board of Trustees, which makes the formal appointment.

Reader Comments

James Kistner says:

I was so looking forward to his leaving... shame, shame, shame. I think he should 'be gone' as the Good Witch said. But, maybe he needs more money. Step right up, after all, this is free lunch New York, where they pay the academics to go away, with special packages. UB 2020 is not the religion, nor the answer.

Posted by James Kistner, Master of Urban Planning, 01/08/11

Matthew McGrath says:

I agree with Michelle. President Simpson should stay on until the end of the academic year.

Posted by Matthew McGrath, Undergrad/School of Management, 01/08/11

Michelle Morgan says:

President Simpson should extend his reign until the end of the semester. For crying out loud, it will take another 5-6 months to find a qualified individual who is passionate about UB and maintain the commitment of "Fortifying The Power of Academic Excellence".

Will it be against school policy to force President Simpson to stay longer?

Just asking!!!

Posted by Michelle Morgan, Undergrad/ Major Sociology, 01/06/11