This article is from the archives of the UB Reporter.
Word of Mouth

What non-work-related Web sites do you visit that you wouldn’t expect to find in most people’s bookmarks?

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  • I go to the Tour de France Web site every day during the tour—I am an absolute fanatic. I regularly go to the Supreme Court site when the court is in session.

    Barbara Rittner
    Associate Dean for External Affairs
    School of Social Work

  • The local pages of for bike paths and bike routes in Buffalo and Western New York. Also, It’s a great site that allows you to donate to several non-profit organizations just by clicking on their links every day. They have neat items for sale as well.

    Jude Fabiano, DDS ’77
    Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
    School of Dental Medicine

  • One in particular—the Cook Report—especially as we approach election days. I’m sort of obsessed with political analysis.

    Betty Smith
    Assistant Vice President for Administration and Planning
    Office of the Vice President for Research

  • The one that generates the most enthusiasm when I tell others about it is It is less a Web page than it is a do-it-yourself portal. It allows you to put everything you want on one page—your Facebook updates, your twitter and RSS feeds, news, blogs, weather and favorite Web sites.

    Dan Ryan, PhD ’97
    Off-Campus Student Services

  • Pristine Classical is a remarkable resource for anyone who believes what’s old is still vital, even most vital. You can browse its collection of remastered treasures—orchestral music, blues, jazz—sample whole pieces and movements, and purchase (if you’re not daunted by Euros).

    Tom Putnam
    Copy Editor
    University Communications